International Tax structuring

In a challenging international business and Tax landscape, you need to structure your business activities in a Tax and VAT efficient manner. Our experience team can provide Tax and VAT advice for complicated international structures, including effective Tax and VAT planning and avoidance of double Tax payments that may cause by the interaction of different Tax systems.

We can successfully develop and implement Tax and vat planning solutions that are unique to each client’s business and operational objectives.

Our comprehensive approach will provide the most innovative Tax and VAT solutions that will Tax and VAT optimise your international business activities.

Our team will be glad to discuss and review your business and operational structure and advise you accordingly.

Due diligent engagements

When a takeover/acquisition or merger takes place, a due diligence test should be performed in order to ensure that all stakeholders associated with financial endeavour have the information they need to assess the risks accurately.

Our dedicated team can offer a due diligence engagement that is flexible and responsive based on the specific demands of each transaction. Taking into account the specific interest of each stakeholder, we focus to rapidly identified and understand potential deal breakers, assessing performance improvement opportunities and providing post acquisition plan.

Our integrated services include among others the following:

  • Commercial and financial accounting due diligence.
  • Valuation due diligence.
  • Operational due diligence.
  • Tax and VAT due diligence. .
  • Due diligence for human resources available.
  • Due diligence for regulatory procedures and compliance.

Mergers and acquisitions

The decision and process of a merger and acquisition can be a complex one and even overwhelming. When two organisations join forces, you need to consider among others various aspects like, accounting, legal, financial, Tax, VAT and operational factors.

Our team can guide you through the strategies and techniques that are required to achieve a successful merger and acquisition and will provide you with the right solution to overcome any challenges.

We are deeply experienced in advising owners and acquirers and we provide to our clients a plan that will best accomplish their long term strategy.

Business valuation services

When it comes to buying or selling a business, it is critically important to know the true value of its assets. Our approach is to offer practical insight into the strategic, operational and financial affairs of a business in order to determine the real value of its assets.

Based on our market data and the modern valuation technics, we can perform an in-depth analysis of the business and provide you with an accurate business valuation report.

Our services include:

  • Shares and business valuations .
  • Tangible and intangible assets valuations.
  • Goodwill and intangible assets impairment tests.
  • Fairness opinion.

Business restructuring services

If you are considering an internal restructuring or you are involved in a merger and acquisition, or considering a new loan or investment, our team can assist you to evaluate the undertaking and guide you effectively through the process.

We can develop and execute a comprehensive step plan that will address the challenges and help you to take advantage of existing opportunities.

Our integrated services include among others the following:

  • Cash flow, liquidity management and forecasting.
  • Crisis and interim management.
  • Financial modelling.
  • Serve as liquidating, trustee or receiver.
  • Working capital management.